How to beat Lycanthrope
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Lycan likes to either rat or fight. If he rats, stage ganks ONLY if you have enough disables, or you should wait for his ultimate to be down. When he fights, he likes to run around a lot as wolf, and will outposition himself often, take advantage of this. Report
Bane can help you to kill lycan pretty well. You can use emfeble to reduce lycans damage. Be aware of the wolves. Carry a tp with you so that way you can TP to a tower to defend it or to scape from him. IN team fights. Try to sleep him or use your ultimat Report
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If lycan goes jungler you should try to kill him so that way he wont be able to get as many items as he should. Before lycan gets his BKB he is easy to kill with some stuns or disables. Never let lycan full farm. carry a tp to survive his ganks. Report
Shapeshift makes Lycanthrope immune to slows, but not stuns! Report


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