How to beat Viper
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viper needs to be able to fly around auto attacking in fights. someone who can get back to him and kill him with physical damage is what you need. examples are pa, lycan, facless, wind, and jug isnt bad if you can get him alone Report
Viper relies on his slow, Lycan can be a pain in this ass as shapeshifted lycan can't be slowed, however be careful to have any kind of lifesteal with you Report
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the only reason that viper is so strong is because of his 1st ability which can be spammed. if you can silence him (drow ranger, silencer etc.) or gain. advantage from the spam of viper's 1st ability (pugna). also, getting close and stun can be useful. Report
Corrosive skin can make it difficult to burst down a Viper quickly, but if you leave him alone too long, he will clean up teamfights with Nethertoxin boosted attacks. Report


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